We offer a range of rooms to suit every band and every budget. Each room has been designed to have Its own unique sound – choose from hardwood floors or fully carpeted and treated. Every room is fully air-conditioned and includes P.A, SM58 microphones, stands, AUX and XLR cables.

Small Rooms

We have 5 small rooms which are perfect for bands of up to 4 people – although plenty squeeze more in! Perfect for solo practice during the afternoon sessions too.

Room 3

Medium Rooms

We have 3 medium rooms, all with their own unique sound and shape to suit a variety of styles and purposes.

Room 1

Large Rooms

We have 3 large rooms, all with their own unique sound and suitable for a variety of purposes, from film clips to auditions to dance rehearsals. Popular with bands that wish to record their own sessions, with many release-quality recordings coming from these rooms.

Room 4